Thursday, February 11, 2010

MobiQuil Blogs go Live!

Hurraay!!! I have invented earth! naah! neither I have invented a Mobile phone.. But today I have found out how to redirect and host a so called "Blog" to our own space in the web. Its never been a great story so far. But it took several years for us to ateast get the blog live.

All the junk ideas coming to our mind, I can share it here..what ever I may see around and looks interesting will be posted here.. Hmm... atleast 5 visitors a day or 10 visitors a day or a week or better a month, could serve some purpose.

It was way back in 2006 we started registered the domain, rented a server had hella lotta ideaas to help developers, upload brainstorming ideas.. put all the damn code that could help a fella developer.. huh.. damn busy we were or call us lazy guys... It reached some place.. we have got few thousand visitors.. we were happy , but guess what ? Visitors were not.. LOL some one might have even looked for the author of the pages.. Well, its not me :D

This is neither a new start nor another chapter, but trying to do some God damn thing in the space we have got! :) Am I writing all mad.. Gosh its late night dude! get back to bed... Catch you all back soon!

Hope to come back with some better content, which my mighty readers would find the so called "worth reading"

Team MobiQuil!